Join free running training sessions in Mežaparks every Sunday morning from March 10th until the Rimi Riga Marathon to stay active and prepare for your distance together!


To avoid forgetting about the training, we offer to add all sessions to your calendar! This calendar will provide you with the most up-to-date information about the training, as well as reminders one day before and on the morning of the training.


The training sessions will be led by coaches and pacemakers from the Rimi Riga Marathon and Nike Run Club Riga. Special guests from Nike Training Club, Sportland, Neste, Garmin, and Science in Sport will also join us for specific sessions.

The training sessions will be divided into several pace groups. Three groups will be dedicated to steady runs with paces ranging from 5:30 to 6:30 min/km, while the fourth group will be for beginners who have only recently started running. At the beginning of the training session, we will warm up together with dynamic exercises, and at the end, each group will cool down properly. The duration of the training will be approximately 1 hour.

Don’t hesitate to join if you are just a beginner! There will be a group for new runners that will prepare and guide you in running, allowing you to progress and eventually join one of the main groups. In this group, running will be done at intervals with rest and walking breaks.



  • It will be possible to leave bags at the meeting point
  • Our friends from Mangaļi will take care of the water during the training
  • You can easily reach Mežaparks by public transport with Tram route No.11 (Ausekļu Street – Mežaparks) or Bus route No.9 (Abrenes Street – Mežaparks). More information:
  • Free parking is available along the entire Meža prospekts street, starting from the meeting point. There will be enough space for everyone on Sunday mornings.

To maintain order and cleanliness in the forests, Riga City Forests urges that you remove what you bring in!


Training Plans

If you can’t make it to the training sessions or prefer to go at your own pace, explore our training plans to elevate your running game to the next level!

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