With the help of Elektrum, we will measure the energy generated by the participants at the Rimi Riga Marathon!

24 April 2023

With the help of Elektrum, we will measure the kinetic energy generated by the participants during the run at the Rimi Riga Marathon for the first time. At the largest participation and energy accumulation point, in cooperation with Elektrum at Riga 2nd Gymnasium, participants accompanied by music and drumming will cross a special energy measuring strip that will accumulate the kinetic energy of the participants, convert it into kilowatt-hours and for the first time determine the total amount of energy generated by all Rimi Riga Marathon participants.


Together with Elektrum, the organizers have ensured that the most energetic participation point is also enjoyable for non-runners. Fans can cheer for the runners with DJ All-viss, ordering power songs for themselves and the runners, as well as enjoying coffee and resting in comfortable bean bags.

Where there is a big gathering, there are many emotions, a positively charged atmosphere, enthusiasm, and energy. But where there is a lot of energy, Elektrum is present. We are delighted to join the ranks of Rimi Riga Marathon supporters this year because the energy generated by runners is a rare opportunity. We invite all supporters to the Elektrum participation and energy accumulation point at Riga 2nd Gymnasium and to be active supporters, using their energy to help marathon participants reach the finish line!

Dmitrijs Juskovecs

AS Latvenergo Commercial Director

DJ All-viss will take care of the music at the Elektrum participation point, listening to the wishes of supporters and playing their selected power and uplifting songs for the runners. Meanwhile, moderator Sandis Miltovičs will actively motivate the runners. Supporters at the Elektrum point can enjoy delicious coffee, recharge their mobile phones, and relax.

In addition, all participants running across the special energy measuring tape at the Elektrum participation point will collect kinetic energy, which will later be converted into kilowatts, calculating the energy generated by the participants of the Rimi Riga Marathon!

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