Tips for winter training

8 January 2024

Finding motivation to train in the dark and cold winter months is challenging, so we’ve prepared a couple of tips for running in the cold so you can take care of yourself and prepare for the spring season!


Although in the cold weather you want to go running straight after coming outdoors, remember to warm-up too! Take special care of the body parts that have previously been problematic or traumatized.



Running in icy or snowy weather, choose running shoes that are meant for winter or for softer surfaces. Remember to prepare for harder sessions especially making sure the route and clothing are both appropriate to avoid injuries.



You need to intake water in winter training too! Although it seems that the body asks for it less, this could lead to dehydration. If you have a longer run planned, you can even add electrolytes to your drink!



When choosing your apparel take in account all conditions – temperature, wind and the intensity of the planned workout. Dress in layers and choose warm and elastic clothes that will insure quality and comfort for the run. Yet remember – more is not always better. You should feel a bit chilly when stepping outdoors because your body will heat up during the run.

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