The State President will present medals to the mass race finishers

7 September 2023

Running enthusiasts from Latvia and more than 100 countries participating for the first time in the World Championships, attempting distances such as the half-marathon, 21 km relay (10.2km + 10.9km), 5 km, or road mile, can expect a surprise at the finish line. State President Edgars Rinkēvičs has pledged to honour the achievements of the runners by personally awarding medals to the finishers of the mass races.

It has been reported that medals inspired by the collaboration between the Latvian National Art Museum, Maija Rozenfelde, and the painting “The Man Who Walks into the Room” by Niklāvs Strunke will not only be awarded to World Champions but also to the finishers of the mass races, who will receive medals from the highest-ranking official in the country.

To add a touch of intrigue, the organizers will keep the distance at which the State President will present the medals a secret until the day of the competition. However, they have high hopes that the opportunity to receive a medal from the State President will further motivate participants to prepare and register for the unique World Championships races in Riga.

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