The Rimi Riga Marathon forest is growing!

20 April 2023

During the weekend, the Rimi Riga Marathon with help from Neste and volunteers, planted nearly 2,000 pine trees in the territory of “Rīgas meži”, near Lake Bābelītis, to restore the forest in the former underground power station area and partially compensate for the CO₂ᵉ footprint of the 2023 marathon. In collaboration with “Rīgas meži” and the sustainability program “Run for Future by Neste,” the forest planted continues the carbon footprint compensation activities of the marathon, which started in 2022 in Riga.


To predict the carbon footprint for 2023, the organizers of the Rimi Riga Marathon conducted a special survey. They concluded that although participants are increasingly planning to engage in environmental improvement activities, the total carbon footprint of the marathon will increase this year due to a significant increase in the number of participants.

By planting 1,800 pine trees, we have created a large, dense "patch" in an unused area that will serve as a powerful pine forest for future generations. This forest will benefit our children after 50 years. The pine forest planting near Lake Bābelītis was the first project of "Run for Future by Neste" in 2023. Along with the organizers of the Rimi Riga Marathon, we invite marathon participants, fans, and runners to think more sustainably by reducing their individual carbon footprints during the running festival and choosing the Lake Bābelītis area for their running trails.

Armands Beiziķis

Chairman of the Board of Neste Latvia

The Rimi Riga Marathon forest is growing!


The organizers of the Rimi Riga Marathon have provided an opportunity for each participant to individually compensate for their footprint by registering for the Rimi Riga Marathon. Since the introduction of this option in the spring of 2023, nearly 100 participants have already compensated for their individual footprint by registering, as well as recognized companies such as Primekss, Trodo, and CWT Latvia, by compensating for the carbon footprint of all their employees who are marathon participants. The organizers urge everyone to be responsible and environmentally friendly in their daily lives and during the marathon, and to compensate for their own footprint in the registration system. It is also possible to compensate for your individual footprint in your marathon profile, even if you have already registered for the marathon.

We are happy about every company and event that is willing to invest time and resources in renewing the environment for future generations. Thank you to the Rimi Riga Marathon team for making forest restoration and creation in Riga, while compensating for the carbon footprint of the Rimi Riga Marathon, a tradition. Planting trees is not just team building, spending time in the fresh air and forest restoration, it is a responsibility for the environment we will leave for our children, by cleaning up and restoring forests. Runners planted pine trees at a record pace, faster than any forest in our practice has ever been planted!

Modris Martinovs

"Rīgas meži" Forestry Ranger of Riga


Although survey data shows that marathon participants are sufficiently informed about environmental issues and focused on sustainable thinking and action, organizers predict that the carbon footprint in 2023 will exceed that of 2022. The event is planned to be attended by at least 50% more runners than last year, including a significantly larger number of foreign participants who will arrive in Riga by air transport, thereby affecting the overall carbon footprint.


The total carbon footprint of the Rimi Riga Marathon 2023, as well as other activities planned for carbon footprint compensation in the city of Riga, will be announced after the Rimi Riga Marathon as part of the “Run for Future by Neste” program.

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