Take a look at the first training session this season

29 January 2024

Thank you to more than 400 people who actively started the 16-week preparation cycle for the Rimi Riga Marathon by attending the first training of the Rimi Riga Marathon 2024 season on January 28 – the first ever event in the newly opened Daugava athletics arena!

On Sunday morning, we tried out the new Daugava athletics month with a bang, where we actively moved under the guidance of Nike Run Club coaches, ran intervals in different pace groups, got to know each other and made new friends!

Before the active and practical part of the training, Olympian and trainer Ilona Marhele gave the visitors practical advice on training plans and a healthy training process, while the legendary long-distance runner, Latvian marathon record holder Jeļena Prokopčuka shared her experience of training and competing at the elite level. All visitors to the training had the opportunity to be the first in Latvia to get to know and see the freshly launched Nike running shoe model Alphafly 3 in person.

Thanks to everyone who came and moved together! See you at the next training sessions in Mežaparks (at the entrance to the Zoo) at 10:00 a.m. from March 10 every week until the Rimi Riga Marathon weekend!

All photos from the training session by photographer Billijs Locs can be found here:


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