Our new 2022 courses: the first step towards the World Championships in Riga

22 March 2022

Although the Rimi Riga Marathon’s post-pandemic return to the international sporting calendar is in the shadow of the war, the Rimi Riga Marathon is taking a step this year towards a unique event: the 2023 World Road Running Championships in Riga, the rights to which were won in a tight competition against several world metropolises.

Participants in all this year’s races will run on new certified courses, but those participating in the half-marathon, marathon and DPD Mile will be particularly privileged this year. We have worked to ensure that all the runners of the aforementioned distances will be able to run the intended World Road Running Championship courses this year.

The new half-marathon course has been purposefully mapped to show off Riga in all its glory, where a single loop will take in the Akmens and Vanšu bridges, the charms of the Pārdaugava and Dzegūžkalns neighbourhoods, a panorama of Riga Old Town, the grandness of the Quiet Centre, the Freedom Monument and Freedom Boulevard, and the new Riga features of the Skanste neighbourhood.

The World Road Running Championship courses have been created in collaboration with Maurice Winterman, one of the world’s leading course measurers who has been involved in creating the courses for Eliud Kipchoge’s Breaking2 project, the Doha World Championships, and other internationally significant races.

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