New distance for World Championships mass participants – the 21 km relay

28 June 2023

In addition to the existing distances – 21 km, 5 km, and the mile – we have introduced a new distance, the half-marathon relay (10.2 km + 10.9 km), which allows two friends, colleagues, family members, or acquaintances to complete the full half-marathon distance by each running half of it, 10 km each. This way, even those runners who find 5 km too short but consider the half-marathon distance too long will be able to participate in the inaugural World Championships of Road Running.

Maiņas punkts paredzēts pie Dailes teātra atjaunotajā skvērā, kurā distances pirmā posma dalībnieki varēs nodot stafeti distances otrā posma dalībniekiem. Abi saņems pasaules čempionāta pusmaratona medaļas. Dalības maksa abiem stafetes dalībniekiem kopā sastādīs pusmaratona dalības cenu.

Pusmaratona stafetes skrējēji startēs vienlaikus ar pusmaratona distances skrējējiem plkst. 14.15. Starts un finišs distancei būs Krastmalā. Starts Akmens tilta pakājē, savukārt finišs 11. novembra Krastmalā.

With three months to go to the inaugural World Athletics Road Running Championships in Riga, Latvia, we have already attracted recreational runners from more than 50 countries all over the world. Saturday, September 30, will see thousands of kids and families warm up the Championships during Kids’ Day, while Sunday, October 1, will provide a unique opportunity for everyone to earn their mass race medals not only in the road mile, 5km, and half marathon, but also in the half marathon relay, a new mass race, aimed at recreational runners not yet ready for the challenges of a half marathon.

Aigars Nords

Head of the Local Organising Committee

The exchange point is located near the renovated square of Dailes Theatre, where the participants of the first leg can pass the relay baton to the participants of the second leg. Both will receive half-marathon medals of the World Championships. The participation fee for both relay participants combined will be equal to the half-marathon entry fee.

The half-marathon relay runners will start at the same time as the half-marathon runners at 14:15. The start and finish of the distance will be at Krastmala. The start will be at the foot of Akmens Bridge, while the finish will be at Krastmala on 11th November Embankment.

New distance for World Championships mass participants – the 21 km relay
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