Launching a program supporting participants with disabilities

28 March 2024

Together with the health partner and supporter of the marathon, Mēnes aptieka, we are launching the special “Inclusive Marathon” program this year, providing unprecedented support and an opportunity for people with functional disabilities and their assistants to participate in the biggest running festival in the Baltics!

Within the framework of the program, 400 participants – 200 people with movement and other health disorders and 200 assistants – can apply and register for any distance of the Rimi Riga Marathon that matches their abilities for a symbolic registration fee of 2 euros.


Launching a program supporting participants with disabilities

The organizers invite all interested organizations to apply by filling in the application form on the marathon website. Applications will close on April 30 or after the 400 entry limit has been reached. You can apply through organizations that support people with disabilities.

For several years, we have supported the Paralympic movement in Latvia, as well as the participation of the Children and Youth Parasports Association in the Rimi Riga Marathon, and have always seen how strong, energetic and motivated they are for sports activities. Playing sports together, overcoming difficulties, experiencing the joy of victory and at the same time taking care of your health - it is so important for all of us! Therefore, we wholeheartedly support the marathon's new initiative for more inclusive participation in the ambitious mass sports event!

Vilma Druliene

Chairwoman of the board for Mēness aptieka

Aigars Apinis, the most decorated Latvian Paralympian and Vice President of the Latvian Paralympic Committee, is convinced that the marathon day will go down in history, bringing together so many participants who are ready to believe in their own abilities and let go of the joy of movement.

We can treat with medicines and injections, but this treatment, offered by the organisers of the Inclusive Marathon initiative, will give people without any injections or medicines a positive energy boost for many days," said Apinis. "Healthy living is the key to the movement and it always shows that there are people in society who want to be active. Just give us the opportunity to participate and play sport, because good things create good.

Aigars Apinis

The vice president of the Latvian Paralympic committee

Launching a program supporting participants with disabilities

For several years, the organizers have been making sure that athletes with functional disabilities take part in the Rimi Riga Marathon. Through the special program and to ensure the safety of all participants, participants with reduced mobility and their assistants will be able to start in a special safe starting corridor close to the start line.

We work to ensure that everyone can enjoy and participate in the running festival. We want to be not only one of the biggest sports events in the Baltics, but also in Europe, and set an example with our work. We invite everyone who enjoys movement to take the opportunity and participate in the largest national sports event in the Baltics and enjoy the freedom of running!

Aigars Nords

Head of the organising team of Rimi Riga Marathon

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