Join us for the plogging training on March 24!

20 March 2024

We invite you to a special free plogging training on March 24th at 10:00 AM! Plogging training, during which runners and enthusiasts of an active lifestyle will both run and participate in clean-up efforts along the Mežaparks trails, collecting winter litter, will be held for the second year in collaboration with the sustainability partners of the marathon, “Neste Latvia” and “Rīgas Meži”.


Plogging training will be a part of the weekly Sunday Elektrum energetic training program. Every Sunday morning from March 10th until the Rimi Riga Marathon, to get moving and prepare together for the distance.

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to plog - the only condition is to finish at Mežaparks with a pile of collected trash! In order to provide a pleasant environment for future runners and help maintain our beloved Mežaparks clean in the spring, we hope for active runner participation in this year's Rimi Riga Marathon plogging initiative!

Aigars Nords

Race Director and Founder of Rimi Riga Marathon

Cleaning up the popular park among runners is also one of the practical steps of the marathon’s sustainability initiative “Run for Future by Neste”, which helps educate and involve participants in reducing the carbon footprint of the sports event.

With the joint plogging training in Mežaparks, together with the Rimi Riga Marathon and "Rīgas Meži", we kick off the active plogging season throughout Latvia. We invite every running and clean environment enthusiast to this training, not only to do important work but also to meet like-minded individuals and spend quality time outdoors! And remember - regardless of where your running trail leads you this season, we encourage you to remove litter from forests, hills, and beaches.

Armands Beiziķis

Chairman of the Board, Neste Latvia

“Rīgas Meži” will provide all the necessary equipment for plogging – gloves, bags, and trash containers in the Mežaparks area. It will be possible to leave bags and warm clothes at the meeting point. Rimi Riga Marathon friends Mangaļi will ensure hydration during the training, providing natural mineral water. It’s easy to reach Mežaparks by public transport with tram No. 11.

Free parking is available along the entire length of Meža prospekts, starting from the meeting point, near Mežaparks.

Mežaparks has become a favorite training spot for Rimi Riga Marathon runners and friends since the beginning of the marathon. This year too, the marathon welcomes runners every Sunday to the Elektrum energetic training sessions, with the March 24th training dedicated to plogging, combining running and cleaning up simultaneously.

Remember, plogging is an environmentally friendly sport that combines running with cleaning up and collecting litter, thereby giving every runner the opportunity to improve both their own and the environment’s health.

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