First training session of the 2024 season

17 January 2024

Schedule the morning of January 28 at 10.00 for the first Rimi Riga marathon training of the season in the freshly opened multi-functional Daugava indoor athletics arena!


In the training, we will combine the theoretical with the practical – you’ll have a chance to learn about training plans for all the distances and a healthy training process, you’ll also have an opportunity to meet Latvia’s leading runners, to move your body and shake out your legs in practical training with specific tasks as well as a chance to be one of the first in Latvia to see and get to know the new Nike running shoe model Alphafly 3 in person.


It is a unique opportunity to visit the newly opened Riga athletics arena before others and to discover a new place where you can train during the winter season, when the weather outside is challenging!


Don’t forget to bring sneakers and sportswear! Changing rooms will be available.


The training session is completely free and open to everyone interested!

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