DPD Latvia Measures Air Quality During the Marathon

8 June 2023

DPD Latvia has become the first in the Baltics to conduct air quality measurements this year, helping to assess the environmental conditions for the well-being and health of runners.

Overall, the average daily air pollution during the two-day event reached 11 µg/m3, which is considered acceptable and below the maximum allowable air pollution level set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

One month before the marathon took place, the traffic in the city was quite intense, and the average daily air pollution in Riga was 17 µg/m3, reaching even 27 µg/m3 on April 13. Such conditions are considered poor and significantly exceed the WHO-recommended maximum allowable air pollution level of 15 μg/m3. However, during the Rimi Riga Marathon, there were significant restrictions on vehicular traffic in the center of Riga, which had a considerable positive impact on the air quality at the event venue.

We are proud to be the first in the Baltics to collaborate with such a significant and popular sports event like the Rimi Riga Marathon and to be able to monitor the well-being of runners in real time. Additionally, DPD Latvia air quality monitoring can assist in choosing the most appropriate location for sports activities, walks with small children or pets, and cater to individuals with allergies. Moreover, it enables the evaluation of the environment's suitability for other sensitive groups in society. All real-time measurement data is publicly available on the website gaisakvalitate.dpd.lv

Chairman of the Board of DPD Latvia

Jānis Grants

DPD Latvia air quality monitoring program, using Pollutrack air quality sensors, allows for the analysis and real-time acquisition of data on the level of air pollution by measuring the amount of fine PM 2.5 particles in the environment, which is one of the most dangerous air pollution elements for human health. Air quality sensors are installed on 26 DPD Latvia delivery electric vehicles and 7 DPD parcel lockers in Riga.

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