Rimi Riga Marathon


Join the Movement for Movement and donate for Children's Hospital Fund! 

We have been faithful to our goal - getting Latvia moving - from the first day of the Marathon. We have already managed to convert thousands to running and movement, and we want to continue to give the opportunity to get moving nalso to those who want to, but can’t yet. 

To give a helping hand to children with physical disabilities, we have created a Movement for Movement! When registering for the Rimi Riga Marathon, we give everyone the opportunity to donate 5, 20 or 100 Euro to children who cannot currently experience the joy of movement. 

Good Will Kilometers 

This summer, in July we want to continue charity initiative Good Will Kilometers in our virtual Running Club to run for those who can't and donate as mach as you run to children with physical disabilities! This initiative was created last year, and together we run more than 25 000 km and dontate almost the same amount of money. 


Children with physical disabilities

Children with physical disabilities want to run just as much as runners do, but they still have a long road ahead of them. However, their everyday motivation, fighting spirit and perseverance are comparable with marathon runners running 42 km. Every year, these children need new orthoses (both daytime and nighttime) to help them develop their love of movement. These orthoses cost twenty times more than running shoes. We run because we can, and we donate so that these children can one day stand on their own feet and run without aids.

Main Partner

  • Rimi


  • Neste


  • DPD
  • Sportland
  • Nike
  • WESS

Supported by

  • LIAA


  • NECom
  • Rīgas Dome