Workouts return to Mežaparks

2 March 2022

Together with Rīgas meži, we invite you to join running workouts in Mežaparks, where every Sunday morning until the Rimi Riga Marathon, we will move together and train for our distance.

The workouts will be led by experienced coaches and pace keepers from Riga Runners and Nike Run Club Riga. Our friends from Nike Training Club, Science in Sport, Mangaļi and Rīgas meži will join us in special workouts and all participants will have the opportunity to meet and train together with the “Latvia in the World” team, the participants of the “My First Marathon” program and the Garmin Pace Team.

We will divide each workout into several pace groups from 5.30 to 6.30 min/km. We will all warm up with dynamic exercises and end with stretching out with our pace group. Training length ~ 1h.

Don’t be afraid to join if you are a beginner! A group of runners in training will prepare and guide you through running to progress and join one of the leading groups. In this group, running will occur at intervals with rest and walking breaks.

See you every Sunday at 10.00 at the entrance of Mežaparks (next to the Riga Zoo). Google Maps location here.

  • It will be possible to leave bags and warm clothes at the meeting place.
  • Our friends Mangaļi will provide water during training.
  • With public transport, you can quickly get to Mežaparks with tram number 11 (Ausekļu street – Mežaparks) or bus number 9 (Abrenes street – Mežaparks). More information here.
  • Free car parking is available along the entire legtth of Mežaparks on Meža prospekts, starting from the meeting location. There will be enough space for everyone on Sunday mornings.
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