2024 medals have arrived!

5 April 2024

The finishers of all distances in the Rimi Riga Marathon, from the smallest ones on the Olympic Kids’ Day to the marathon distance, will receive medals designed by the internationally acclaimed Latvian artist Germans Ermičs.


Celebrating every runner’s journey, the medal design pays homage to a shoelace—a humble element in every runner’s shoe, uniting beginners and seasoned athletes alike.For the 5 km medal, a subtle twist marks the journey's beginning. As distances increase, the shoelace elegantly weaves, portraying each runner's unique path. Progressing, the medal fills, reaching full design at 42 km—an illustration of the journey's entirety.

These medals have no fixed front or back. The shoelace forms continuous loops, symbolizing experiences — no distinct sides, just a harmonious blend of a runner's evolving story.

Each medal shares equal size, reinforcing unity. This design signifies the inclusive nature of running—accessible to all. Whether shortest or longest distance, it’s your 100%, and that’s what matters.

Germans Ermičs

The designer of the Rimi Riga Marathon 2024 medal

If you too want to get this magnificent medal around your neck at the finish line this year, don’t delay registering for the event!

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