2023 medals have arrived!

31 March 2023

At Rimi Riga Marathon, which is planned as a dress rehearsal for the World Athletics Road Running Championships, all finishers will receive medals designed by Latvia’s most famous graphic artist, Paulis Liepa.

The central image of the medal is a sweat drop, which is a tribute to the perseverance, endurance, and sweat spilled on the track by runners. It is also a striking reference to water as an essential element in the running process, both by replenishing fluid reserves in the human body and by considering that the marathon route circles around the streets and bridges of Riga, crossing the Daugava River multiple times. Meanwhile, the circular shape of the medal does not close off but rather indicates continuation, raising the bar to new heights and facing upcoming challenges.

Paulis Liepa

The designer of the Rimi Riga Marathon medal

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