100 days to go until Rimi Riga Marathon 2024

9 February 2024

Only 100 days or a little more than 3 months remain until the Rimi Riga Marathon 2024. It is the time when you should actively start preparing for the longer distances – half marathon and marathon. And it’s worth making sure if you’ve registered for the distance you’ve chosen before the prices increase at the end of February!

Training plans for all the distances

Every running enthusiast who wants to properly prepare for the start of the Rimi Riga marathon is invited to use the Nike Run Club training plans which can be found in the “training plans” section of the website.

Register for cheaper prices until the end of February

For the marathon, half-marathon, 10km, 5km and the DPD mile distances, as usual, it is possible to register for cheaper prices until February 29. Registration for the Rimi Riga Marathon Olympic Kids’ day will be opened at the end of February.

Distance 1 - 18 MAY
Distance 5 km 1 - 18 MAY 29 €
Distance 10 km 1 - 18 MAY 39 €
Distance 21 km 1 - 18 MAY 59 €
Distance 42 km 1 - 18 MAY 79 €
Distance Virtual entry 1 - 18 MAY 19 €
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