With the support of our partner DPD we’ve created a special program “DPD FAST” in the Rimi Riga Marathon which will allow the fastest runners to take place in the frontmost starting corral to avoid the crowd and be set for a quick result.

How to get DPD Fast privileges?

To enter the “DPD FAST” corral you will have to show proof of your qualifying time (set after January 1, 2022) at the info desk in the Rimi Riga Marathon EXPO. After approval you’ll receive a “DPD FAST” sticker which will let you enter the corral on the start day.

DPD Fast

DPD FAST qualifying times


Men's 3:15:00
Women's 3:40:00

Half Marathon

Men's 1:30
Women's 1:40


Men's 45:00 min
Women's 50:00 min


Men's 23:00 min
Women's 25:00 min

DPD Mile

Men's 6:15 min
Women's 7:30 min