Rimi Riga Marathon




Welcome to the online registration system for Rimi Riga Marathon. The deadline for entries is May 16, 2020.

Please use the individual registration form. If you're visiting Riga as a team and want to register with one go, you're welcome to use the more convenient team registration form. If you use individual registration form payments can be done only with the credit cards. If you wish to pay by the invoice use the group registration form (there is additional commission fee for invoices 4,00 EUR + VAT = 4,84 EUR.)



Distance 16.09. - 31.12.2019 01.01. - 29.02.2020 01.03. - 30.04.2020 01.05. - 14.05.2020
4.2 km Family Run 5 EUR 5 EUR 5 EUR  5 EUR 

6 km (under 18)*

6 EUR 8 EUR 10 EUR 12 EUR

6 km

12 EUR 15 EUR  18 EUR  21 EUR 
10 km 15 EUR 21 EUR  25 EUR  30 EUR 
21 km 25 EUR 

35 EUR

45 EUR  50 EUR
42 km 37 EUR 50 EUR 59 EUR 69 EUR 

* all participants younger than 18 years on May 17, 2020.

  • Additional orders

    Along with registering for Rimi Riga Marathon, we offer additional services and products to make your race weekend more ecological, as well as more comfortable and practical. These choices can be made in the second step of the registration process and will be automatically added to the final payment amount.

    Bag check

    Please add this option if you want to use to official marathon bag check. If you opt in, you will receive the official marathon bag at the EXPO for storing your personal belongings at the start and finish area.

    Bag check option if free of charge.

    SiS sports nutrition bundles

    Science in Sport (SiS) sports nutrition bundles are available for purchase during registration and will be ready for you at Rimi Riga Marathon EXPO on May 15 and 16, 2020.



    10K SiS sports nutrition bundle – 7.45 EUR

    Science in Sport bundle for 10K run will help you to challenge you personal best on the finish line and improve your recovery after the run.

    1x SiS bottle
    1x SiS Go Energy + Caffeine gel
    1x SiS Go Electrolyte, sachet
    1x SiS Rego Rapid Recovery, sachet



    21K sports nutrition bundle – 8.95 EUR

    Science in Sport bundle for 21K will fuel you up for the whole race by providing important energy and will help your body to recover faster.

    2x SiS Go Energy gels
    1x SiS Go Energy + Caffeine gel
    1x SiS Go Energy bar
    1x SiS Go Electrolyte, sachet
    1x SiS Rego Rapid Recovery, sachet



    42K sports nutrition bundle – 12.95 EUR

    Science in Sport marathon bundle was created to support marathoners along their important day. It will help you maintain the speed, avoid energy deficit and consequences as “the wall” on the last part of the distance. Fuel and enjoy the run!

    3x SiS Go Energy gels
    2x SiS Go Energy + Electrolytes gel
    1x SiS Go Energy + Caffeine gel
    1x SiS Go Energy bar
    1x SiS Go Electrolyte, sachet
    1x SiS Rego Rapid Recovery, sachet

  • Registration confirmation

    A confirmation letter will be sent to your e-mail immediately after registration.

    Start numbers will be assigned in spring and start letters with assigned start numbers will be sent to all participants on April 1, 2020. Keep the start letter until the EXPO to exchange it for your race number/bib and additional articles.

    If for some reason you have lost your start letter you can request a repeated letter by writing to us at marathon@necom.lv.

  • Check your entry

    You can check the startlist to see if your entry has been accepted. Your name will be posted on this list immediately after filling in the form and transferring the payment.

  • Registration changes

    To edit your registration data, please do so via startlist. Find the edit icon opposite your name and follow the instructions.

    In case you need to change your name or date of birth (not possible via starlist edit) please write to us at marathon@necom.lv providing the information that needs to be changed.

  • Distance changes

    If you wish to change the distance from a longer to a shorter one, this is possible free of charge until April 15, 2020. During the period from April 16 to May 15, 2020 a distance change will be available for an additional cost of € 10. During the EXPO or on race day a distance change will not be possible.

    If you wish to change the distance from a shorter to a longer one (for example from the 10K to half-marathon or marathon) then such a change is possible only for an additional fee € 25.00 until April 30, 2020.

    If you choose to cancel your participation, the participation fee is not refundable.

    Contact us at marathon@necom.lv for more details in this regard.

  • Transfer of participation

    If a participant withdraws his or her participation, the paid participation fee is not refunded. The start number cannot be transferred to another person.

    For health reasons, by presenting the medical certificate by May 14, 2020, participants have the opportunity to transfer the paid participation fee to Rimi Riga Marathon 2021. These members will be registered for participation in the Rimi Riga Marathon in 2021 by paying an additional EUR 10 before the race.

    Contact us at marathon@necom.lv for more details in this regard.

  • Bib number delivery by DPD

    You will be able to pick up your starting numbers not only at EXPO, but also at your office or through the DPD Pickup network in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. This service is aimed at company teams who are taking part in large numbers in the event, as well as participants from outside of Riga and our neighbouring countries who may find it difficult to pick up their starting number before the event. 

    Businesses who want their team participants’ numbers sent to their office can register for this up to May 6th, and bib numbers will be delivered to their offices between May 12th and 14th. Delivery for businesses (there is no minimum or maximum number of participants at the team for this service): 80.00 EUR + VAT, or 96.80 EUR (includes team number selection, packing, price of packaging and delivery to office). Payment for this service can be made along with the team participation payment by filling in this FORM

    Participants who live outside of Riga, and who wish to pick up their number through the DPD Pickup network in Latvia, can select this service for 3,- EUR when registering, selecting the option DPD delivery Latvia and choosing your preferred parcel pickup point. 

    Our neighbours in Estonia or Lithuania who wish to receive their number through the DPD Pickup network during the week of the marathon can add this option for 6 EUR when registering, selecting the option DPD delivery Estonia or DPD delivery Lithuania and choosing your preferred parcel pickup point.

  • Give the gift of a marathon!

    To paraphrase Nietzsche, all truly great thoughts are conceived while running. That’s why we are so pleased about all of you who already run, and we invite you to give the gift of the joy of running, endorphins and great thoughts to your friends, too! Register your friend for the Rimi Riga Marathon and download a Gift Certificate.

    What you need to do:

    • Check the startlist if your friend hasn’t already registered.
    • Register your friend with his/her name, surname and phone number. But make sure to write your email in order not to ruin the surprise, because after registering successfully the system will send an automatic confirmation letter to that email.
    • Print the confirmation letter you received (your friend will need it for picking up race materials at EXPO).
    • Print the gift certificate, write down your friend's name, distance and sign it. Add it to the confirmation letter.
    • Voalá! The gift is ready!


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