Rimi Riga Marathon



Join the Movement for Movement and donate for Children's Hospital Fund! 

We have been faithful to our goal - getting Latvia moving - from the first day of the Marathon. We have already managed to convert thousands to running and movement, and now the time has come to give the opportunity to get moving not just to those who can, but also to those who want to, but can’t yet. 

To give a helping hand to children with physical disabilities, we have created a new Movement for Movement, with the slogan "Move, move!", which we invite all runners to join! Now, when registering for the Rimi Riga Marathon, we give everyone the opportunity to donate 5, 20 or 100 Euro to children who cannot currently experience the joy of movement. Everyone who donates will receive a symbol of recognition alongside their race number: bright shoelaces. Immediately after the Marathon, in May 2020, we will formally give the donations to the Children's Hospital Fund and cross our fingers that it helps little ones who want to move, but can’t, to enjoy being active.

Meet Hugo: our Movement for Movement ambassador!

Hugo (age 4) is a joyful boy who has had to experience many unpleasant moments over the course of his life. Up to the age of 15 months, Hugo grew and developed like any other child, but then his development started to regress. With the help of a genetic analysis, he was diagnosed with a condition which impedes progress in a child’s physical development. Regardless of health problems, the boy hasn’t given up hope of one day taking his first independent steps towards his mum, dad and older brother. Like most children, he likes dogs and cats, and he loves to read. Currently, Hugo wears orthoses which stretch his muscles as he grows, helping his bones to grow, and are also suitable for standing. However, as he grows, he regularly needs new orthoses. Let’s help Hugo fulfil the dream which is part of our everyday life: walking!


As well as Hugo (7,740 Euro for orthoses), 11 more children with physical disabilities are waiting for help! The total sum needed: 35,000 Euro, which is just under one Euro per runner taking part in the Rimi Riga Marathon.

We can all help, can’t we? Join the Movement for Movement!

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