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The Official Running Shirt And Medal of Rimi Riga Marathon Has Been Designed by “Purvīša balva 2021” Nominee Janis Sneiders

“Purvīša balva 2021” nominee and owner of the title of the best young painter of the Nordic and Baltic countries in 2019 Janis Sneiders (Jānis Šneiders) has been chosen as the author of the design of the official Nike running shirt and medal of Rimi Riga Marathon. Since 2008 the design of the marathon's official shirts is created by Latvian artists of international renown. Sneiders will be the 14th author of Rimi Riga Marathon shirt's design. 

The main theme of Rimi Riga Marathon 2021 shirt's design is getting yourself moving at a time, when such a side effect of the pandemic as inactivity has befallen a part of the world. The shirt designed by Janis Sneiders can be purchased on Rimi Riga Marathon website, and medals will be awarded to all finishers of Rimi Riga Marathon on 28 and 29 August.

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The Official Shirts – Ambassadors of the Idea of the Marathon of 2021

The main message of Rimi Riga Marathon 2021 shirts' design is getting yourself moving. At a time, when part of the society suffers form a side effect of the pandemic – inactivity –, it is important to remind of the joy of daily movement, get yourself, your family, friends and the world moving. The design of the marathon's official shirts carries the message of this idea visually by means of lines characteristic of the creative work of Janis Sneiders. 

“A straight line in a cardiogram is full of unrealized potential, a wavy line, on the other hand, is alive. Life is movement. Lines on the shirts recur as straight, monotone days, until they gradually start to move under the impact of the joy of movement, and lines of the day become longer and more joyful – one can follow them with one's eyes like a roller coaster and feel the power of movement,” tells about his idea the author of the design Janis Sneiders, who has been nominated for “Purvīša balva 2021” and won the title of the young painter of the Nordic and Baltic countries two years earlier.

The design created by Janis Sneiders will adorn the official Nike marathon shirts and this year's collection will be especially colourful and diverse. The organisers chose two different designs to emphasise this year's idea, and both work excellently each on their own, but together bring over the idea in a more powerful way. 

Since 2008 the official running shirt of the marathon has been designed by famous Latvian artists – Gints Apsitis (Gints Apsītis), Anna Heinrihsone (Anna Heinrihsone), Ritums Ivanovs (Ritums Ivanovs), Kriss Salmanis (Krišs Salmanis), Ella Kruglanska (Ella Krugļanska), Andris Vitolins (Andris Vītoliņš), Raimonds Staprans (Raimonds Staprāns), Ieva Iltnere (Ieva Iltnere), Ilmars Blumbergs (Ilmārs Blumbergs), Elita Patmalniece (Elita Patmalniece), Maija Kurseva (Maija Kurševa) and also an original work from Gustavs Klucis bought at an auction has been used. Authors of Rimi Riga Marathon 30th anniversary season's shirt were MARE&ROLS.  



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