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Rimi Riga Marathon kicks off the winter season

To keep the running community “alive” all year round and encourage the rest of society not to lose the joy of movement in the winter, we are launching the winter season of our Virtual Running Club. We expect to involve almost 10,000 participants in the winter season. The season promises to be rich and filled with various challenges, races and runs, to which anyone who loves exercising is invited. Participants can collect their kilometers on long walks or runs, and record their results on their running apps or smart watches. The first stage of the Winter Champs with a 5 km, 10 km and 21 km distance, the SIS 5x5 challenge, December’s Rimi GoodLife KMs against KGs challenge, the Garmin winter solstice challenge and the traditional Christmas Run will be the first winter activities for the virtual club.

“After the pandemic’s first state of emergency this spring, we realised that runners need support, encouragement and a good motivator to get through this time. Now, when there are no races planned in the near future, many runners need a healthy push to help them keep moving. Our winter season will be very active, and we hope that, in a time when almost all indoor sports are banned and public sporting events are on the decline, we can rouse a lot of sport lovers who will toddle, go on long walks or daily training sessions, and compete with themselves, their friends and training companions,” says Aigars Nords, Director of the Rimi Riga Marathon, as he explains the plans for the winter season.


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Winter Champs in three stages

Bearing in mind that the Summer Champs were the most popular event in the Rimi Riga Running Club, with almost 5,000 participants including Latvian elite runners, as well as long-standing marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe, we decided to continue the season with Winter Champs in three stages, giving running enthusiasts the chance to run 5 km, 10 km or 21 km in December, January and February. The two stages with the fastest finishing time will be taken into account for the overall ranking.

The Winter Champs stages will take place over a week:

  • 1st stage December 7-13,
  • 2nd stage January 4-10,
  • 3rd stage February 1-7 .

Runners can register now for the 1st strage through the Rimi Riga Marathon Virtual Running Club. Anyone who feels able to run two distances, such as the 5 km and 10 km, is welcome to take part in both, but bear in mind that registration for each distance must be done separately. Prizes will be in the form of Nike gift vouchers and Science in Sport sports nutrition bundles. Those taking part in the overall rankings can take part in a draw to win Garmin smart scales. 


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Athletic and engaging challenges throughout December

In December, apart from the first phase of the Winter Champs, we will offer several exciting, athletic and engaging challenges. The first of these will start this Friday and will last 10 days. The SIS 5x5 challenge is a challenge for a more athletic audience, because participants will have to run at least 5 km on 5 different days. For the whole of December, any sport enthusiasts are encouraged to take part in the Rimi GoodLife challenge, KMs Against KGs. December is a month of festivities, so exercising and collecting 60 km in December will be a challenge both for those who end their outdoor exercise in the autumn, and those who are gradually starting to run in the winter. Collecting 60 km means going on a 20 minute—2 km—walk every day, or going on an hour-long, 5 km walk three times a week. You can then sit down for Christmas dinner without feeling any guilt. Meanwhile, for the winter solstice, Garmin is offering a week-long challenge from December 21st, where participants can win a Garmin Instinct Solar smart watch.


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The traditional Christmas Run is virtual this year

This year marks ten years of our Christmas Run since an enthusiastic group of friends set off on the morning of December 24th with the aim of kicking off Christmas actively to ensure that they could indulge in the evening. Over these 10 years, it has become an irreplaceable Christmas tradition, and over the past years around 300 participants have gathered in Santa hats and other Christmas-themed accessories. This year, the Christmas Run will take place virtually in the Rimi Riga Marathon Virtual Running Club between the 24th and 27th December, and everyone is welcome to get moving over the holidays and balance out the joy of eating with the joy of moving.


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