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Unveiling the special 30th anniversary season medals

This year, the Rimi Riga Marathon celebrates its 30th anniversary season, and everyone who finishes on October 10th and 11th will receive a unique anniversary medal which can only be received once in a lifetime. The author is Japanese designer Junichi Kawanishi, who also designed the medals for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

“If you don’t try, you’ll never know. That was our position when we approached Japanese designer Junichi Kawanishi, who won the Japanese competition to design the medals for the Olympic Games. Surprisingly and pleasantly, Mr. Kawanishi replied and felt honored to create the anniversary medals for the Rimi Riga Marathon. If the Olympic medals are awarded to just under a thousand of the world’s best athletes, our medals will be awarded to anyone who finishes the anniversary marathon, half marathon, ten and six kilometer races, as well as the Family Run and Kids’ Day runs, on October 10th and 11th,” adds Race Director of the Rimi Riga Marathon Aigars Nords, explaining his choice of designer. 

“This is a special year for the Rimi Riga Marathon. And just as special was this unexpected offer—to create the medals for the 30th season. During the process of getting to know the history and culture of beautiful Latvia, I felt a spiritual connection to my own country of Japan. I wanted to include several ideas in the medal: the many generations running who thus unite the past and the present. The runners from different countries who meet at the marathon and unite the world through a love of running. Similarly, the Olympic Games use sport to accept the different and unite the world. I also wanted to include the Marathon course in the medal, which weaves through the beautiful Riga, and the two bridges crossed by the runners. The threads of all these ideas weave together in one vibrant flower dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Rimi Riga Marathon,” adds Japanese designer Junichi Kawanishi, SIGNPLAN representative and designer,  Director of the Japan Sign Design Association and the Osaka Design Society. 

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Registration for the Rimi Riga Marathon has reopened, and you can register for the Kids’ Day or one of the five distances—marathon, half marathon, 10 km, 6 km and the Family Run—under Registration. All who take part will receive the special 30th anniversary medal!

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