Rimi Riga Marathon



For the second year in a row, the Rimi Riga Marathon invites you to run for those who cannot and dontate to children with psysical disabilities. 



Join the Rimi Riga Marathon charity initiative “Movement For Movement”, run your “Good Will Kilometers” and donate to children with psysical disabilities


Garmin Pace Keepers Charity Auction

As part of the charity campaign "Good Will Kilometers", the organizers of the Rimi Riga Marathon in cooperation with the Children's Hospital Foundation, Garmin and the association "VSK Noskrien" are organizing an unprecedented charity auction this year. All proceeds from the auction are automatically received by the Children's Hospital Foundation, and the amount is added to the donations of the charity initiative "Good Will Kilometers".

For the three most generous contributors, the organizers offer the opportunity to receive Garmin personal pace keepers, which will help to cover the 42 km, 21 km and 10 km distance. If the donation amounts are the same, the one who made the donation first will have an advantage. Garmin personal pace keeper can be transferred to another person who has registered for the marathon. Auction participants are invited to fill in the questionnaire.

Children with physical disabilities

Children with physical disabilities want to run just as much as runners do, but they still have a long road ahead of them. However, their everyday motivation, fighting spirit and perseverance are comparable with marathon runners running 42 km. Every year, these children need new orthoses (both daytime and nighttime) to help them develop their love of movement. These orthoses cost twenty times more than running shoes. We run because we can, and we donate so that these children can one day stand on their own feet and run without aids.


Main Partner

  • Rimi


  • Sportland
  • Nike
  • Neste
  • WESS
  • tet

Event center

  • Alfa


  • NECom
  • Rīgas Dome