Rimi Riga Marathon



Run your Good Will Kilometers and donate

For our 30th anniversary, we invite all runners to give an amazing present: run for those who can’t, and donate to children with physical disabilities!

Good Will Kilometers

Join the Rimi Riga Marathon 30th anniversary charity initiative, Movement for Movement; run your Good Will Kilometers between 8:00 on July 17th and 23:59 on July 27th; and donate to children with physical disabilities! Choose whatever distance you are able to run, and once complete, donate as much as you ran! Everyone who donates will receive a symbolic gift: bright yellow shoelaces, which you can pick up at the Rimi Riga Marathon EXPO on October 9th and 10th!

Run as far as you can, donate as much as you run

You can register for your Good Will Kilometers at the Rimi Riga Marathon's Virtual Running Club by selecting the Good Will Kilometers challenge under Events. Meanwhile, you can donate on the Children’s Hospital website. We invite you to donate what you can or to match the distance you ran.


Children with physical disabilities

Children with physical disabilities want to run just as much as runners do, but they still have a long road ahead of them. However, their everyday motivation, fighting spirit and perseverance are comparable with marathon runners running 42 km. Every year, these children need new orthoses (both daytime and nighttime) to help them develop their love of movement. These orthoses cost twenty times more than running shoes. We run because we can, and we donate so that these children can one day stand on their own feet and run without aids.

Symbolic mark of difference

Each Good Will Kilometers participant will receive a symbol—bright yellow shoelaces—helping them to stand out at later running events. After the end of the Good Will Kilometers challenge, participants can pick up their shoelaces at the Rimi Riga Marathon EXPO on October 9th and 10th.


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